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We listed some tips regarding garage door repair, maintenance and replacement. Read them here

Tools for garage door repair

Garage door repair Glen Ridge recommends that home owners also have rods and wrenches for maintenance work. Always ensure that the spring is tight enough to life the structure which can be quite heavy particularly if you use wood. Too much tightening leaves the door hanging in the air, making routine work difficult.

Diagnosing fallen garage door cables

There are two main reasons for cables falling off pulleys. One is hard slamming which can happen at the most inopportune times. The second is to due to wear and tear that comes with age. For the first, make sure you are careful with usage. For the second, get new cables at the earliest opportunity.

The weather seals

Weather seals are another accessory that can be added to a garage door. Its purpose is the same with the insulation technology at one point. It seals off the moisture that may come inside the garage. The seals are applied at the bottom panel and the frame of the door.

Keep remote controls safely put away

If you have remote controls to operate your garage doors, make sure you keep them somewhere that is not easy for children to access. It is not a toy and should not be played with. Pressing the wrong button could bring the door down on you or your car.

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